Photography is a visual art so whatever my theory, thoughts, aesthetic vision or philosophy behind my images is, it should be contained in those images. If you don’t see it, probably it wasn't there, so I really feel that is a bit cheating for a photographer to use words to complete his message. It is pretty much like trying to explain a joke. The same way a latent image is invisible until an initial small cluster of silver atoms grows to visible sizes through printing, there is an infinity of images being created and instantly disappearing at all times all around us. It is the photographer, through his training, sensibility, education and chance that stops those images from disappearing and thus revealing them to himself and others. Sometimes their life is ephemeral, a brief stop on the way to oblivion, on a paper, or film or a memory card. Some make it longer and have a chance to exist for your eyes and minds. Some of them are here and I hope you will enjoy them.